Rich Halley

The new Rich Halley 4 CD “The Wisdom of Rocks” is now available on Pine Eagle Records. This recording features new pieces written in 2013 plus some on-the-spot improvisations that showcase the band’s original approach combining freedom, feeling and traditional elements into a seamless whole.

"Based out of Portland, Oregon, tenor saxophonist Rich Halley has been making bold, uncompromising music outside the jazz mainstream for over 30 years. An adventurous neo-traditionalist with a predilection for the expressive potential of free jazz, Halley’s robust tenor testimonials invoke numerous antecedents, ranging from swing-era icons like Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster to probing modernists like Sonny Rollins and Dewey Redman."
-Troy Collins, Point of Departure

"One of the best working quartets in jazz today."
-Robert Ianapollo, Cadence

"Halley is a tough tenor not afraid to be honest and raw, and unleashes a big fat sound that tells stories in tone and emotion."
-Stephen Graham, Marlbank

"The Wisdom of Rocks: Free bop perfection from the Rich Halley 4."
-Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

"A true working band engaged in free form harmonic sound scapes that capture colors, shapes, and the motion of life itself. Odd meters, shifting rhythms and changing dynamics complete the thematic evolution of each piece."
-Brent Black, Bop-N-Jazz

The 2014 Penofin Jazz Festival is on Saturday May 10 in Potter Valley, California. This is the 21st annual event.

Saturday, May 10

1:00 - Tom McNalley Trio with Tom (guitar), Jarrad Landar (bass) and Matt Baker (drums)
2:00 - Rich Halley 4 with Rich (tenor sax), Michael Vlatkovich (Trombone), Clyde Reed (bass) and Carson Halley (drums)
3:30 - Steve Lehman Trio with Steve (alto), Matt Brewer (bass) and Damion Reid (drums)
5:00 - Wheelhouse with Dave Rempis (saxophones), Jason Adasiewiscz (vibes) and Nate McBride (bass)

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