Rich Halley

The new Rich Halley 4 CD “Creating Structure” is now available on Pine Eagle Records. This is the first Rich Halley 4 recording devoted exclusively to free improvisations. It features sixteen musical statements that showcase the group’s original approach to improvising, combining freedom, feeling and traditional elements into a seamless whole.

"Creating Structure... demonstrates the almost telepathic bond between these musicians, five albums (and counting) into their collective journey."
-Phil Freeman, The New York City Jazz Record

"Creating Structure is yet another powerful and compelling statement by the Rich Halley 4."
-Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

The 2015 Penofin Jazz Festival is on Saturday May 9 in Potter Valley, California. This is the 22st annual event.

Saturday, May 10

1:00 - Do Tell Trio with Dan Clucas (cornet), Mark Weaver (Tuba) and Dave Wayne (drums)
2:00 - Rich Halley 4 with Rich (tenor sax), Michael Vlatkovich (Trombone), Clyde Reed (bass) and Carson Halley (drums)
3:30 - Peter Brotzmann Trio with Peter (tenor and clarinet), William Parker (bass) and Hamid Drake (drums)
5:00 - Rova Saxophone Quartet with Bruce Ackley (soprano & tenor), Larry Ochs (tenor & sopranino), Jon Raskin (baritone & alto) and Steve Adams (alto & sopranino)

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