Rich Halley

The new Rich Halley 4 CD “Eleven” is now available on Pine Eagle Records. "Eleven" features eleven new compositions that showcase the group’s original approach to improvising, combining freedom, feeling and traditional elements into a seamless whole.

"Letting mental telepathy guide the players on their way, all are in touch and in tune with each other as the muscular vibe flows freely making you think this is springing from New York as opposed to Oregon. This is the stuff that'll get your blood flowing."
-Chris Spector, Midwest Record

The 2015 Penofin Jazz Festival is on Saturday May 9 in Potter Valley, California. This is the 22st annual event.

Saturday, May 9

1:00 - Do Tell Trio with Dan Clucas (cornet), Mark Weaver (Tuba) and Dave Wayne (drums)
2:00 - Rich Halley 4 with Rich (tenor sax), Michael Vlatkovich (Trombone), Clyde Reed (bass) and Carson Halley (drums)
3:30 - Peter Brotzmann Trio with Peter (tenor and clarinet), William Parker (bass) and Hamid Drake (drums)
5:00 - Rova Saxophone Quartet with Bruce Ackley (soprano & tenor), Larry Ochs (tenor & sopranino), Jon Raskin (baritone & alto) and Steve Adams (alto & sopranino)

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